What is your opinion on Dunston baby language? Does it work? Has it worked for you? My lil one is 3 weeks old, and has been crying with the Neh sound at regular intervals today - more than her normal 3 hour gap. As such, I'm questioning whether Dunstons is right?


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Brittany - posted on 06/03/2009




I looked at the video on youtube that described it. I had already pretty much learned the different cries, but it helped me fine tune the listening because i didn't realize her hungry cry had the n in it, also I didn't know about low gas pain, now i listen out for that which before when she cried like that and i couldn't figure it out i thought she was crying just to cry. I still don't know what to do for low gas pain. does it come out as a burp or a fart?

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I found the Dunston's to be somewhat helpful. I didn't get it until my son was 2 and a half months old though so I think it would have been a lot more helpful at the beginning. If she is saying Neh more often then she might just be going through a growth spurt.

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