What to look for in a pediatrician?

Michelle - posted on 11/02/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Next thursday I am meeting with two different pediatricians for my little boy. This is my first baby, what are some good things to look for and ask when i meet with them.


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Melissa - posted on 11/03/2009




is he knowledgable?

does he treat you respectfully, talking to you not at you or down to you?

can he explain things in a manner you understand?

what is his stance on antibiotic therapy, vaccines, diet? does it follow what the liturature reccommends/ what you feel is right?

what do your friends or the internet feel about him?

do his hours suit you schedule?

do you feel comfortable with him?

Shana - posted on 11/03/2009




You want to make sure that there are several doctors so that in case your dr. isn't in, there is someone there. Ask if they have separate hours for well baby visits. You don't need to take your son to the dr. for a check up and shots with kids sneezing and coughing all around him. Are there evening hours (if you need them). What happens in case of emergency. Find out if they will come to the hospital to see you and your baby, usually the day after he is born or the day of discharge. Find out phone numbers to call if you just have a question. One question I asked and one dr. almost laughed, while the dr. I went with was happy I asked the question, was does the dr. take care of the mother as well. Will they discuss breast feeding. My daughter's pediatrician even had me and my husband come in for a shot (I forgot which one) just so that we were up to date, and didn't get her sick. We also go the flu shot from her dr. Will they listen to you about what is happening, since after all you know your baby best. Do they take the time to listen to concerns?

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We went with friend recommendations for the office. There were 5 peds. in that office and they are an affiliate of our local Children's Hospital. I looked into each of them and choose a women that was in her mid-late 30's. She had a 'special interest' in breastfeeding which was important to me. If you plan to breastfeed I would ask them tons of questions about that. You want one that will support you. Check out the offices: are they clean? is the staff friendly? how long did you wait? etc. Talk to your friends, that was really the best thing for us and I LOVE our pediatrician. We've seen a younger doctor there for last minute visits and she's great too, we just got a good office!

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