when do u start feeding cereal??


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Laura - posted on 06/05/2009




Depends on the child. My son started at 2 months and my daughter at 4 months. Just watch your childs ques. My daughters doctor says that the best way is to watch for baby's ques, and not the recommended age or by the book because every baby is different. Hope this helps.

Mel - posted on 06/04/2009




whenever you feel your child is ready some put it in the bottle very early others start spoon feeding around 2-4 months. personally i didnt give cereal as she just screamed i started with pureed fruits and vegies so that would probably be best. rice cereal can cause constipation and tastes horrible

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Generally speaking you want to wait until 6 months to start any solids so that your baby's digestive system has a chance to mature. However, there is more than just chronological age, so watch for other signs your baby is ready: can sit unsupported, is interested in what you have, does not seem satisfied with just milk. I started at 5.5 months, but I wouldn't start early than 5 months personally unless advised by a paediatrician.

Also, even though cereal is the most commonly given starter food, baby cereals really aren't necessary or very nutritious anyway, so I recommend leaning more towards fruit and veg. I gave cereal from the start, my son never really liked it and I struggled getting him to eat much solids consistently. When he was 7 months I decided to ditch the cereal and his solid intake increased 100%. Now he loves fruits and veg, among other things, and hasn't refused anything since. :) Personally, I'd skip cereal altogether and look for healthier and more fulfilling options.

Kathleen - posted on 06/04/2009




depends on your child, the age, is she breasfeeding or formula fed?

she she starts grabbing your food it's a good indication. the age...well if she's breastfeeding i've been told the recommended age is around 6m. If formula fed around 4m. My son however decided at 3.5m that it was time to eat off of mommy's plate so we started him on cereal.

So it depends on her when...

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