when is good time to take her off formula and what age


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They should be on formula or breast milk for the entire first year. There are essential nutrients found in it that help your baby grow and develop. At a year, then you can make the switch to whole or 2% milk. Your pediatrician should help you determine your childs needs at the time. -- How old is your child??? Any reasoning behind taking them off of it? -- Talk with your pediatrician the next appt. with your concerns also.

Tracy - posted on 09/30/2009




my daughters doctor had me start weening to milk at around 11 months. only adding 1 oz whole milk and take away 1 oz of formula.every 4days or so add another oz of whole milk and take away another oz until,and so forth until she was on complete whole milk.you want to wean because you want to watch for bowel change or anything else with the millk

Kari - posted on 09/30/2009




it really depends on the doc you have. some tell you one year and some say 18 months. but you dont want to do it untill after your little one is a year old. Also ask the doctor what advice they have. on when would be good to do it and how to do it the easiest way! then go by your best judgment and do what makes you feel comfortable.

Ashley - posted on 09/30/2009




Well, I heard you should take them off completely at one year. Unless you are told to use the type for children older than that. And really with all the fun food she will get to eat, hopefully it won't be a big deal!

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