Why do moms take advice so hard?

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Just a reminder that when you come across an opinion or method that differs from yours, take it easy. If it worked for your kid, great, if it's not something you're comfortable with, explain what worked for you instead. You don't have to go on a tirade about how shitty you think other moms are. If you come across some ignorant p.o.s. just leave a friendly message that offers someone out there who doesn't know any better some sanity. And usually, the more ignorant the post, the more likely it is they are just looking for the argument. Move on.


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Valerie - posted on 12/26/2009




advice or personal attack...i think people need to use tact and compassion when responding...

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Something must've irked you. :-) Unfortunately, some people can't let it go and when you get two of them in the same place... kaboom! A fight ensues.

Then there are the times when you get a tired, grumpy mum and say something that pisses her off... well, katie bar the door! My husband can tell you what happens then. :-)

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