Why is potty training so HARD???


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Minnie - posted on 06/16/2009




Because from day one infants, who have control over their bowels and bladder, and can signal that they need to relieve themselves, are put in diapers and conditioned to become used to pottying in their pants. They forget their ability to control themselves, and they forget that they can signal that they have to go.

And then one day, we all of a sudden tell them that it's no longer ok to potty in their pants, after at least two years of it being ok.

That's why we do elimination communication with our second. Going through the potty training process with our first.

But the above is the reason potty training is hard. Because it's actually "UN-training."

Angela - posted on 06/16/2009




when my children were little i use to put a bit of water in the potty let them sit on it without seeing the water after a few mins take them of tell them what a clever boy or girl they were and help them carry the potty to the toilet so they could tip it down the toilet and tell them how big they are. hope it helps or are you having trouble getting your child to sit on it,if you are hold favorite teddy or doll on the potty and do the same with the water it worked with mine.

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