Best thing for stretchmarks?

Dani - posted on 05/12/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




I already have a few from my first pregnancy i guess i would just really like to avoid anymore, what have all of you found best to keep the stretch marks away? :)


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Alisha - posted on 05/18/2011




I agree with the idea that if your going to get them you will get them. I have heard genetics has a lot to do with it. With my first I used Palmer's cocoa butter twice a day and made sure I stayed hydrated. I didn't get any not even one until I was 36 weeks pregnant then Wham! I got them all over the front of my belly! =( I thought I was in the clear. With my second and now my third I haven't gotten any new ones but the old ones just re-stretch! I am going to try Bio Oil though to help improve the appearance of them, I have only heard good about that product!

Amy - posted on 05/17/2011




I use cocoa butter but ive been told by my doctor that no matter what if your going to get them then your going to get them which breaks my heart :) but so far so good first pregnancy 7 1/2 months and only one mark ill take it! good luck

Rebecca - posted on 05/17/2011




Everyone's body is different in how certain items react to your body, for me I am 6 months pregnant right now and I haven't received a single one. my remedy is Palmer's Cocoa butter formula Message lotion for stretch marks. It helps repair the elasticity in your skin.

Heather - posted on 05/16/2011




Really keeping up the moisturization and avoiding scratching is the best way to prevent stretch marks. You might try a moisturizer with ceremides in it like CereVe Cream. They are coming out with laser therapy right now for stretch marks as well, it might be an option if you end up with them anyway.

Amy - posted on 05/16/2011




I have been using bio oil and it is amazing. My daughter gave me sooo many stretchmarks and the bio oil has made them look better already.

Alison - posted on 05/16/2011




I've been using Shea Body Butter the past couple weeks and it works amazingly. Some of the newer stretch marks are already gone and all of them have lightened up. I put it on at least once a day. My mother in law got some for me and I was surprised how well it worked! The brand she got was Tree Hut. Good luck! :)

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