Mucus Plug? Bloody Show?

Marsha - posted on 08/05/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am 36 weeks along and I just started seeing some discharge that was a little bit brown in color. Could this be the beginning of losing my mucus plug? How long typically after you lose the mucus plug is it before baby comes? I know there is no set date but just wondering what your experiences are...


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Alisha - posted on 08/09/2011




I have been losing mine for the last two weeks and today is my due date and still no sign of labor =( So I agree with Melissa I think it's just one of those things that happens toward the end.

Melissa - posted on 08/05/2011




The mucus plug is mucus that might be tinged brown. If it is just brown discharge it is likely old blood. If you recently had a pelvic exam don't worry about it but if not you should tell your doc.
As for the mucus plug I am on my 4th pregnancy and already lost mine so far I really haven't noticed a corralation between when it goes and when labor starts. I think it is just another of those things that happens at the end and therefore is automatically close to labor. :)

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