Babies with eczema!

for babies suffering with and advice on how to help them, and you as it can be horrible to watch your baby suffer with bad skin.



Hi im Vikki, mum to jason who is now 1 year and 3 months old, hes been suffering with eczema since he was four month old and hes still battling now. He has his good and bad days...



hi everyone, just joined this group to see how everyone is coping, and how everyone is going?


Good news

So, my 11 month old daughter has had severe eczema for about 8 1/2 months and her dr finally sent us to an allergist 2 days ago. She is allergic to shrimp, eggs, cows milk,...


6 month old son with eczema

Hi everyone, I just joined the group. My six month old son Asher has had eczema since he was about 1-2 months old. We live in South Western Canada. I've tried so many...


Helping Eczema :-)

Hello Ladies! Did you know that the chemicals in our everyday cleaners, detergent, and bath and body products can cause severe harm to our bodies? It has been proven that the...


Eczema and Staph. Infection????

Today I took my 18 MTH old daughter to the pediatricians for what we found out was a staph infection. After asking the doctor about how she could have gotten it, I showed him...


New Community

Hi everybody. I started a community for children with eczema that also have food allergies. I am a member of a few groups for eczema and one for food allergies. Allergies are...