Babies with Reflux

A group for those of us that have children with Reflux


I need help

My little is 7 weeks old and has been sleeping in his bouncer for day and nights as its raised and he sleeps so peacefully. My partner and I have been tag teaming the night to...



Welcome to Babies with Reflux. Thank you for joining and sharing your experiences with us. My son Elijah has reflux and he is on Zantac three times a day. He seems to be doing...



Ok much seems to be happening all at once and I just thought I would get your thoughts on it. Things all started when I noticed how my little one (2 months) would...


Help ...Reflux and solids.. no joy

My baby is 51/2 months been on solids veg etc since 4.5, but reflux is just as bad, I was told perhaps im now overfeeding him, prob is he just eats and eats spoke to doctor but...


help im starting soilds and having problems

as my little boy is having problems gaining weight we were told to start him on soilds but we are having problems with what we can feed him with out his reflux playing up. He is...