Baby Bullet Magicians

A place for Mom's who make their own, all natural baby food to come and share recipes, ideas, and experiences.


Whats your review on the baby bullet?

I just recieved a baby bullet as a shower gift and have heard the reviews saying they break easy and they dont last. But honestly how many of you magicians have had problems,...


Baby bullet recipes

I just purchased a baby bullet, and we absolutely LOVE how easy it is to use, which is kinda why I called this group baby bullet magicians, but now, we've kinda hit a dead end,...


When is it ok to give your baby Carrots?

I have a 4 month old 2 week baby he has not had any foods yet I am starting him today and do have the baby bullet. I am super excited but I have been wondering cause i have...


From piggy to picky!

My son is 15 months old. I made all of his baby food for him when he was a baby and he ate everything. But now it's a different story, he's gotten very picky! Anyone have any...


Food Side Effects

What foods did your kids react to in different ways? Non-allergy. Example: Carrots turned him orange.


To eat, or not to eat...Meat, that is...

My mom is vegetarian, and has been trying to convince me to go vegetarian too. We already eat a lot of fruit, vegetables, and grains, and not that much meat, and so far our son...