Baby eczema support

A support for parents who's children suffer from eczema. A place to talk and share tips.


Dealing with eczema

I battled with eczema flare ups growing up, seen so many doctors, prescribed me the same things, tried over the counter creams as well, and nothing ever worked. I eventually...


improvement in eczema

I have taken my one year old off all dairy products and his eczema has made a major improvement! I am so happy....



My son has really bad eczema. I find it difficult to control and its nice to talk to people who are in the same position....


Anyone needs eczema support?

It's heartwarming to see improvement in eczema in my baby's eczema, and in other parents :) I run a national support group sharing, and even if just one parent gets some...


Turmeric is a simple nature cure

My son reacted so wonderfully well to turmeric. I have blogged about it in the hope it helps and details bath, diet etc as to what helped him...