baby girls born in july 2010

a place were we can all talk about how our little girls are growing and see how other little girls are 2


Birth Stories

I have an interesting story on how my baby girl was born that I would love to share with everyone! I was 9 days overdue with Madison and it was around midnight when I woke...



hi how is everyone, my little girl gets really sooky at night time and just screams and screams and screams and nothing i can do settles her ive...


Is it reflux?

Hi everyone, my baby girl has a problem with vomiting after every feed, it seems like she throw's up most of her bottle everytime I feed her. Just wondering if anyone else has...



My little girl is my 2nd baby and her older brother is only 16months older than her. Just wondering if anybody else has older children and how they have taken to the new baby...


Just wanted to introduce myself

Hi, my name is Kim, i am 21 and have 2 beautiful little girls. My oldest, Janyssa, is 15 months old and was born on June 6, 2009, and my newest addition was born on July 4,...