What if you don't agree on baby names with your husband?

Rachel - posted on 10/27/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




Just curious if anyone else has had their heart set on a certain baby name (or two!) but your husband absolutely won't go for them?


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Julie - posted on 12/22/2010




My mom and stepdad had the same sort of problem with names. My Step Dad is Italian and a lot of the names my mom liked were not spelled the same in Italy ( He has family there) She bought a baby name book. Made her List of both boys and Girls names she liked. When she tried to give the list to my Step Dad he just said yeah yeah I';ll get to it and was being of no help. She on a different paper she wrote down a Full name and told him this is what we are going to name the baby no matter what. The name she wrote down was David Alexander Michael ( thier last name starts with an N) She then told him to look at the Initials .... He was not happy about that. She handed him the book and a highlighter. He highlighted the names he liked, she used a different color to high light the names she liked no paying attention to his highlighter color. Then she went back thru the book and made a list from the ones that the both liked. They came up with Anna Lisa ( Spelled the same in Italian as it is in the U.S) 2 months before she was born they ended up changing it to Anna Maria. ( Sadly his favorite Grandmother passed and her name was Maria)

Jennifer - posted on 12/22/2010




How about combining one of your names with one of his. You may find that you end up liking a name you did cause it sounds good together.

Wendy - posted on 12/22/2010




my husband and i could not agree on a name! we decidied to include our 15 yr old son, we bought a name book, each had to pick 10 names. we then took all the same names picked by the 3 of us and made a new list. the narrowed it down to 3 names each from that list and ended up all agreeing of the name slade for our little one! we were all happy with the choice!

Denise - posted on 12/21/2010




Just like anything else in a relationship, you can't throw aside respect and compromise to be a momzilla. If your husband absolutely hates it, then it's time to find something else that you both love.

Ashley - posted on 10/28/2010




well i was in the same situation. we agreed on a boys name but not on a girls name. I wanted ?either harper or piper for a girl. and i rejeted every other name he tossed my way. and he hated harper and piper. we went into the delivery room without a girls name and when she came out and they said it was a girl the doctor asked what the name was and my boy friend said Piper! yay me.. lol honestly thou i cant really give u any advice except maybe try to wait till the baby comes out and then you will both know the name once you see the little one. good luck!

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