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What do think about luxury baby products such as the Bugaboo collection? Would you buy it? Do you own it already? Or do you think luxury baby items is a bad use of money?


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I love the bugaboo although we didn't buy it because I felt like $1000 on a stroller was a waste of money. But I still wanted one and kind of regreted not getting it before. Highly doubt our children care what stroller they ride in but the functions a bugaboo cameleon can do is very useful. It's really up to the parents and what values they have towards luxury items. If you have the money to spend, go for it! We personally just bought the Juicy edition of the Maclaren umbrella stroller and we absolutely love it. It's cute and rides really well. Also, we knew if we had a regular macalren umbrella stroller, we'd probably think back to that juicy editon every time we used the other one.

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