Ergo vs. Beco-- I need a soft-structured carrier

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I currently use a ring sling, which I love. However, my ultra macho hubby would like something a little more masculine. I've been looking at the Ergo and the Beco. Does anyone know of any pros or cons to these models? Or is there another model I should be looking at?


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Hey there: This is a post from muckleby at Keep in mind this is just one person's opinion. If you go look at the forum called "Choosing & Using an Asian Inspired or Soft Structured Carrier" at thebabywearer, you will find A LOT of info stickied at the top of the page. Plus, for specific questions, the ladies on there are really helpful. Another thing to keep in mind is that an individual carrier will fit each person differently, so if you can find a natural baby store in your area, you might benefit from taking DH to try a few on and see what he likes. hth

NG Ergo: very durable, waist band is quite thick and divided into three sections. The buckle has a safety "loop". The seat has darts in it, and there is leg padding for the baby. There is a useful pocket on the back. The shoulder straps are very padded and comfy, but the whole thing is rather bulky and rucksack looking. The hood is shaped and fastens with poppers on D rings, it can be tucked away in a pocket when not in use. The shoulder straps buckles adjust downwards.

Yamo: Again, quite durable looking, the waist band is quite thick and is one curved piece. The buckle has a safety "loop" and it fastens the opposite side to the Ergo, which I found a bit annoying. No darts in the seat, no pockets. The shoulder straps are well padded, but not as much as the Ergo ( very comfy though). It looks sleeker than the Ergo. The hood just dangles down, with no pocket to hide it, and it's not removable. It can be warn "flat" like the classic ergo, or has elastic inside with toggles, that can be pulled to give it more shape. It fastens with cute little buckles attached to the shoulder straps. The shoulder straps buckles can be adjusted either upwards, or downwards.

Beco: Quite different really! Much softer, prettier to look at, but I was worried about using it to be honest - my 8 month old sucks and chews the carriers and I was worried he'd hurt it! So, not as durable. The waist band is much thinner and more cushiony, it's divided into three, and fastens the same side as the Ergo ( the left side ), with no safety loop. No darts, and taller body. I *think* it has leg padding ( can't remember ). Comes in lots of lovely fabrics, obviously! The hood of the newest version, can be tucked into a hidden pocket, or removed completely ( it attaches with velcro ). It's shapes like the NG ergo hood and fastens with clips to D rings. The shoulder straps aren't as thick as the NG ergo or the Yamo, but are very comfortable. The buckles adjust by pulling upwards.

What do I like best about the different carriers?

The Ergo - I find it very comfortable and the most durable - I like my carriers to stay looking good for as long as possible. I find it the hardest to adjust whilst on ( although I have just worked out that if I lean forward to take the the weight of baby off the carrier, and pull the straps down behind baby's butt, it's easier ). It's not the prettiest, it looks very masculine and rucksacky, but I don't really mind this. I find it pushes my trousers down a bit too. I like the hood just fine.

The Yamo - I love the hood on this, the little buckles are really neat, and I don't mind that it just hangs down ( I would mind if I couldn't tuck the ergo hood away, but the Yamo hood is prettier ). I like that the shoulder straps adjust both ways, but the side buckles are really BIG, and dig in if you don't have it adjusted just right. However, I just don't find the waist band comfy. I can't get it lie flat on me, and I don't like that it fastens on the right instead of the left. The waist band issue is a very personal one though.

The Beco - This is the most comfortable for me. It just feels good to wear, which is the most important thing! I find it very comfortable and easy to adjust whilst wearing. However, like I said, I don't feel like I can relax in it because I'm scared it's going to get hurt - it just doesn't seem so durable to me - I'm sure it is, but I think looks-wise it would look worn sooner than the others. The workmanship is ace, it's just the fabrics used are more delicate, that's all. I'm not so keen on the hood either, but it's great that it can be removed, which I did. The body is taller anyway, so a sleeping baby has more support.

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For macho dads who want less-girly kidstuff, I highly recommend DadGear ( ) -- diaper bags a guy doesn't have to be ashamed lugging around, and so on. They don't make a sling, though.

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