Babys born September 2009

Bbays born September 2009


My little man

hi my name is Samantha i had a bub on the 14th September he was orginal due 1st October. Obviously i had a boy whos name is Emjay Cody Gordon and we are located in Cabooture!


What is your sept toddler doing?

Lacota was born 9-10-09. He says words like mama, dada, go, night, light, byebye, hi, uhhuh,unuh, huh, up, done, juice, yea, sticker, nose, that, duh, did, it, I, Bubba (his...


Talking/Social Skills

It just amazes me. It seems like my little guy (13 months) went from not knowing any words to knowing a bunch. He don't always use them but he can say: Mama Dada Hi Huh...



My baby says Mama, Dada, Huh, Uhuh, and No. What do your babies say?


weaning time. boo hoo

Hello. I have a baby girl born September 17, 2010. Her name is Sadie. I have a little problem, well, kinda big. It is just about to be her first birthday and I am ready to stop...


1st birthday party

I was just wondering is everyone throwing their baby a big first birthday? Are you going to have lots of family and friends there? I'm having my daughters first birthday a week...


11 month old Questions!!

How much does your 11 month old weigh? How tall? Can they walk? How much do they talk? My son is 28-29 pounds, 33-34 inches. He walks and says mama and duh duh (daddy).


teething already!

hello :) i had my son on September 5th,09. he was born exactly 5 weeks early. i was just wondering if there are any other September mama's with babies teething? its rough i...


Feeding baby??

What are your babies eating? My son is 9 1/2 months with 2 teeth. This is a sample days foods. Breakfast- mixgrain cereal made with whole milk and chopped up fruits...


Grinding Teeth

My (almost) 8 month old has 5 teeth and is grinding them constantly.....any suggestions on how to stop.....and he only can chew on a toy for awhile until he gets bored with it...


Not enjoying bathtime...

So my daughter has started to cry and fuss while having a bath. The same thing happened with my older daughter, now 3 1/2, she hated bath time. I tried toys, bubbles, bath...



I just want your opinions if my son's meals are nutrious enough... I've read the labels and in my opinion they seem good. He is 8 months old. What are your 8 month olds eating?...


What can your 7 month old do?

What can your sept. babies do? My son was 3 1/2 weeks early born Sept. 10, and now is 7 months old. He can crawl, roll, sit by himself, pull himself to sitting from laying, and...


is my baby sleeping 2 much?

my daughter was born on sept 3 with no complications for the 1st few months she barely slept a wink but now she is only awake 4 around 6hrs a this normal? she sleeps...



Hello everyone my name is Ceiamaria, & I'm an mother of 3 I just recently had a baby-boy on September 8th,2009 his name is Daniel he was born via c-section at 4:59pm weighing in...