newborn carriers???

Bridgette - posted on 04/17/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




hello im new to circle of moms and i am expecting my first in june and i plan on baby wearing. i was just wondering if someone could tell me a good carrier or wrap or whatnot is good to start off with and good for a newborn???


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Yahooooooooooo... Yes, now i am really happy like my wife. My wife use baby sling now. That's why she is happy. She can carry my baby easily. Its very useful for us. You also can try now.

Baby Sling

Jill - posted on 10/15/2009




I use a Wrap N' Wear baby carrier. I love it and you can use different colors and fabric styles. I really like that it comes with a video to help you use different techniques and styles in carrying your child. Check it out

Leah - posted on 09/03/2009




I would suggest the Peanut Shell sling to start with and then the ERGObaby carrier (or you can just use this from the start with an infant insert). If you were in Australia, I would recommend you check out Its my bible of babywearing as it has all the research articles AND the products so you can look at them and see what they mean.

Marisa - posted on 07/06/2009




First of all, congratulations! Since it's July, you probably have a newborn!
If you are still looking for a sling, I would recommend an ellaroo wrap or a ring sling. I used the ring sling daily while my daughter was 0-3 months old. After that she got a little heavy for long use (since it's one shouldered). I switched to a wrap and realized I could have done that from the beginning. It takes a little to learn how to wrap but it is unbelievably comfortable (she's 9 months old and 21 lbs now) and extremely versatile. (will still be able to wear her on my back well into toddlerhood).
As a newborn, she didn't fit well (too little) into the Bjorn and once she was big enough didnt' seem very comfortable in it. As for the stretchy wraps, those also have a more limited utility because the fabric can't hold the same weight/provide the same support for you.
My husband and I both use the wrap for everything from grocery shopping or cooking dinner to hiking.
good luck babywearing!

Dawn - posted on 06/07/2009




I have tried every carrier and sling that baby r us, target, and wal-mart sell. Being bigger than you are suppost to be having kids, it was really hard to find one that fit right. I found a sling at Pottery Barn Kids. It is all organic and comes in different sizes. I loved mine. It fit so comfortable and I wore it all day. I used it for over a year. It also came with great instructions and if you have questions just go into the store they are more then willing to help.

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I used a baby bjorn infant front pack with my daughter from newborn-7 months of age very comfortably. She loved it and I found it was great because I could put her facing me when she was a newborn and as she gained head control I could then face her out.

Melissa - posted on 04/30/2009




try a SPOC carrier (simple piece of cloth). You just need 5-6 yards of one way stretchy jersey fabric, cut a 44 inch piece wide of cloth into 2 carriers. One to keep and one to give away. Simple and easy. There are tons of sites online that will show you how to wrap it.

Orangegloves - posted on 04/20/2009




The sleepywrap or Kari-me wraps are very versatile and good. I also use a meitai which I find easier to tie round me. For the summer, our 9 month old sits happily in a freedom sling as it's cooler and she can see out but without the pressure between her legs like with a sleepy or kari wrap.

Molly - posted on 04/17/2009




Get a sleepywrap.

it isn't as common as the other wraps you'll hear about, but it works awesome. it's made of a stretchy fabric so you just wrap it around yourself and it adjusts to baby- no need to re-adjust like pretty much every other wrap. also, it will fit a newborn, all the way up to like, 40lbs? I dont like slings because they only last for a month or so. you can wear the baby like the other wraps, but they recommend 3- they are all ergonomic and although not recommended I can wear my baby for a couple hours before my back starts to hurt- just from the weight- he's 18lbs. Anyway, the newborn position where it is similar to a sling, baby facing in and baby facing out. I also like it because it's stretchy, so if it's windy out or really sunny, i can shade my baby's face/head. I've found that my sleepywrap and a sunhat work really well in bright sun. Also, they're like $35. A lot of the others are way more expensive, and it'll only last a short period of time.

Trust me, you'll not regret this wrap (I should work for these people or something... I'm such a sleepywrap advocate!!)


With my sleepywrap, I took my son hiking at a month (in december out in the dunes in michigan), to a hockey game on new years eve, traveling to florida, flea markets, museums, etc. I still opt for it when we're going somewhere and I know a stroller will be more of a burden then a blessing.

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