Advice for mom who goes to school and work?

Annie - posted on 04/22/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




I am currently in massage schoool 3 nights a week and work monday through friday and every other saturday. My daughter has become mobil quick any advice to balance everything life, school, work and family? Any advice on getting homework done?


Funmi - posted on 06/17/2012




I'm really proud of you! Way to go!!!!! It can be difficult trying to balance both, but it's actually doable, talking from experience. I did this with my 2 kids back in 1997 when I went back to school. For the kids, I found them study/playmates. They played and studied together. For me, when I had to study, I kept them busy and made it "study time" for us all. That really helped. Try this and it should work. Good luck to you.

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Stephanie - posted on 04/26/2010




I have 2 little ones. Jonathan is 10 months old and Olivia will be 2 next month. My husband is going through intense training at work right now that demands a lot of his time. I am at a loss of babysitters and help from the 'outside' world right now. I am fortunate enough however that I do not have to work full time or even part time. I am a per diem worker and a part time student. I still find that it is very difficult to juggle. Of course I give you a heck of a lot more credit!!!! Its great to see a dedicated mom who is working so hard.

When dealing with your school work, organization is key! Its important to keep all your deadlines and school schedule where it is easily accessible and somewhere you will see it daily so that you have a constant reminder. I take advantage of nap time. And once the kids go to bed I pick up to books and get back to it.

We actually made contact with one of the 14 year old girls that lives in our neighborhood. I wouldn't trust her to be at the house with the kids by herself yet, but I am hoping to be able to have her over here soon so that I can go upstairs and do my homework while she entertains them.

Good luck! And I commend you for your determination!


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Ruth Ann - posted on 04/27/2010




Hello! I do my homework first thing in the morning before the others are up. I have found that is the only time of day I can control. Plus I am a morning person.
Enjoy- your efforts will be rewarded!

Fabiola - posted on 04/26/2010




i work five days a week and i have school two days a week. my fiance works six days a week. its hard for me. i am the only one who has a license and it takes me 45 min to take him to work and come back home. i make my work schedule around my school and his schedule. its hard. i open my books every second i get. my daughter is 14 months and she is very independent she runs and plays but she can sit with her own books long enough so i can study about 20 min before she needs to me again. i have days where she is so clingy and i cant do anything. but i also have friends and family who are willing to take her for an hour or so, so i can get some studying done. at times its hard but in the end if you are determined to do what you want you will find a way for it all to fit in your schedule. i do although its harder at times

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