Are your Kids in the age group of 11-12 Years ?? Read on to know

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Books are heavenly. They amaze us with its many stories every time. They let us experience a multitude of emotions, let’s us relive situations and events; entice us with its many fantasies and accounts. Books prove to be the best pal for kids. From talking dogs and madcap chases to adventure treasure hunts and detective sprees, books bring out a world that we can only otherwise dream of. For our all grown bibliophiles aged 11 to 12…

The first book for our 11 to 12 year olds is about to prepare you to be a part of an Intelligence Agency! The AIA is hiring and they’re on a lookout for someone who can join them on an adventure that will take you from India to London to France, into the horrific world of animal testing. Two hundred monkeys are about to be euthanized in a lab, but that’s nothing compared to the challenge the AIA is about to face! The mysterious mastermind Alpha is ready to do something nasty. He wants to wipe out an entire animal species – The Homo Sapiens – off the face of the Earth using a deadly virus. Rana, Bagha and Kela are on a mission to stop him. Will they be able to do it? Or Will the Homo Sapiens be wiped off? Find out with Venita Coelho in ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do.’
What we love: We love the camaraderie between animals and humans. We love how the core strength of each animal is rightly portrayed in the story.
What kids will love: Kids will love the thrill and excitement that goes into this secret mission. They’d love to imagine being a part of the Intelligence Agency themselves whilst saving Homo Sapiens from the bad villains.

The second book for our grown readers aged 11 to 12 is a cryptic surprise. Archie Greene receives a mysterious present on his birthday - an ancient wooden box comprising of an old book, written in a language unknown. With the book comes a summoning and Archie must travel back to Oxford to return this book to the Secret Library. He is about to come across a family he never had and discovers the world of the Book People – a community devoted to finding and preserving magical books and literature. But, it’s going to be dangerous and Archie must find a way out to escape the dark spirits hunting for this magical book. Will he able to uncover the book’s hidden secretive power? Will he make it to the Secret Library? Read along with D.D. Everest in ‘Archie Greene and the Magician's Secret.’
What we love: We love how the book revolves around a mysterious box of surprise. We absolutely love Archie’s instincts and adrenaline rush to look out for answers.
What kids will love: Kids will love the visual appeal this book has to offer. They will love the Secret Library and the world of Book People filled with magic and sorcery.

We had a bonus book for our grown readers aged 9 to 10 and 11 to 12. Our third book is a non-fiction that offers great insight on Animals, Plants, Geography, History, and Exploration and loads and loads more. From colourful photographs and fun games to play, we have ‘National Geographic Kids Almanac 2018’ for ya’ll.
What we love: We love how, through a simple and pointed format, facts about the flora and fauna around us are captured. The interesting areas covered and the attempt to sensitise kids to what the future holds for Mother Earth is simply amazing!
What kids will love: Kids will love the beautifully captured photographs of wildlife animals. They will love to learn about Dinosaurs, Big Cats and Reptiles through the fun quizzes, games and puzzles provided in the book.

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