having a hard time feeding my 8yrs old son...

Marita - posted on 01/17/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




it takes him hours and hours just sitting in front of his food sometimes his not even touching it ....
he drink to much than eating ...
his losing weight fast & very slow on gaining ...
he got asthma every time it attacks he also loss his appetite ...
his very hyperactive boy .... don't know what to do ...
his having a hard time chewing meats , don't like veggies,
he only likes cookies that's it .... if he can eat that the whole day he will finish it ....
want him to eat rice ....


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Kelley - posted on 01/20/2010




Limit drinking at the table, give him milk at meals times instead of juice, soda or water. make cookies with pureed veggies in them (like baby food) that way he is getting the nutrients he needs but you are disguising them, also meatloaf is another good way to disguise veggies. And set a limit on how long he sits at the table. If he isn't done then oh well, if later he asks for a snack then give him only HEALTHY snacks, like cheese, yogurt, fruit cups etc.

Felicia - posted on 01/17/2010




Well there is a lot of different rice meals.

1. Try sitting in front of him when he eat.

2. Try to make eating time fun or a game

3. There is a website you can look up for silly meals or snack (healthy) that he probably like (www.Kraft.com or www.sillysnacks.com)

4. There is fluid he can drink with favor can help with the weight (Ensure)

My daughter was twelve when she started eating meat. In some case it take time, but maybe cutting the meat really small like bite size or add meat small amount of meat in side dishes.

5. As for the veggie, add something with it like cheese, alfredo sauce, ranch, seasoning, or again add to side dishes.

I hope this help. Good luck

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