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Amy - posted on 07/28/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am looking for ideas for healthy lunches. My kids do not have a cafeteria to eat at, and I do not know what I can send that would not get nasty by lunch. Any suggestions would be great!!


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Roslyn - posted on 07/29/2009




Hi Amy,

Thanks for welcoming to Target Back-to-School. My stepson is now 17 but I always make a sandwich with a deli meat. He particularly like mayonnaise, so that's what I add to it with some lettuce. Sometimes cheese. The lettuce keeps the sandwich fresh. I find that apples and oranges travel best and sometimes I pack grapes in a separate container.

If you have difficulty getting your kids to eat fresh food, I have written a series of book and CD sets for kids aged 2 - 8 all based on food. On the CD is a catchy song and an audio book. It brings fun to the whole drama of eating fresh vegetables. If you like, check it out at I'm from Australia but you can also get it on line from amazon. Good luck with it all.

Cheers, Ros

Dina - posted on 07/28/2009




Depending on what your kids like, I try to get a healthy carb for each protein. Example lunch: A sandwich,(PB&J, or a deli meat/cheese) my kids think this one is really cool...Wrap a slice of deli ham or turkey around a cheese stick and put it in a hotdog bun w/whatever they like on their sandwiches (mayo or mustard). Then yogurt mixed with cottage cheese and fruit, fresh veggie of their choice like, carrot sticks or broccoli with dip. (Both kids love that much to my suprize, so I stayed with it.) If they're fussy eaters, the cottage cheese could be camoflaged w/ adding jello and fat free coolwhip just to add a different texture. This way they're getting plenty of protein, fruits, vegetables and carbs for energy. I bought small icepacks that fit perfectly in their lunch boxes and stays cold even well after I pick them up. Have them help you prepare and they'll like it even more. Another snack they might like: celery sticks w/p-nut butter and raisins. Good Luck!------ Dina

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