Help! My daughter was send home from school with HEAD LICE last year and we are still battling these bugs! I've used the shampoos and the creams, I've bleached her sheets, sprayed the bed and pillows, all her stuffed animals. I've used mayo, olive oil, eggs, listerine... I'm at my wits end!!!


Jacque - posted on 11/19/2011




we had this promable what we had to do is leave our home for 3 days because the bugs live off blood so if there is no blood they die in this time we treated everyones hair we stay that a hotel it was costly because we had 11 kids so we had to get 2 rooms but it worked and knock on wood we have not had them in 5 years oh and use conut shampoo they do not like it so they stay away good luck how i learn this is by calling the bug guy and they told me the easiest and fastest way is to leave the house if you have dogs or cat they need to leave to no blood they die


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Geraldine - posted on 03/22/2012




hi, i am new to here my daughter had head lice in primary school i found hedrin was the best product and also invest in a nitty gritty comb wash all bedding hope this helps

Shannon - posted on 03/20/2012




I'm not sure if you still need help, but if you do, try Paul Mitchel's Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and the conditioner, too! I have waist length, thick, curly hair. I tried everything (including getting a prescription from the doctor) I battled the bugs for almost 2 years, and this killed them in nothing flat! I also used a flea comb (bought at wal-mart) on my hair.

Janet - posted on 01/15/2012




Not sure if you still need some info on what to do about head lice. As a kid I had the same problem and my hair was really long but I remember my mom using a metal chino (its a special comb used for head lice). Every night my mom would wash my hair and use the chino to comb my hair out and that comb even takes out the little eggs.

Cynthia - posted on 10/17/2011




have you combed or picked really the eggs or nits out? you have to repeat shampoo ever week for a month and it will do no good if you don't get the nits. also treat the couch and beds weekly. a doctor can give you the good shampoo. usually free at a health department. good luck.

edit to add; you have to treat every person in the huse. and every bed and all furniture. treat the family not just the child. check dads hair too.

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