I hate my child's teacher

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Rant alert! School just started for my little one back in August, since the beginning my husband and I had an uneasy feeling about this school. The teachers and staff seem a little unwelcoming. Although they all had smiles painted on their faces it didn't seem genuine, like they are only there for the money and that's it. Admittedly our first two weeks of school she was late by 5 minutes or so mainly because of traffic or me getting off of work a few minutes late. Although my husband is home, he leaves for work as soon as I get home and goes the opposite direction. Because of this her teacher always makes a comment to my child about being late, which would be fine if my child was older, but she is only 4 years old. Not only does she makes these comments; she read a book about being late and singled out my daughter for being late a lot in front of the entire class. Anyhow, we have been on time (if not early) and she'll say "oh, My daughter's name your on time today!" or when I pick her up from school she will say "Oh your daughter really enjoys school, now if you will keep bringing her on time that will be great." I mean really this is practically everyday for the past month in a half. She's very passive aggressive towards me. I am only of the younger moms in the class (25), but I look much younger. I could pass as my daughter's older sister. So I don't if she dislikes teen moms and I remind of one or what. My daughter can't even wear a pair of jeggings because the teacher will comment on how "tight" her pants are. Really they are jeggins!!!Then my daughter brings something to school and the teacher asks my daughter if she could keep it; of course my daughter says yes because she is an adult and that is her teacher. But what makes it ok for her to ask a student if it's ok to keep something especially a 4 yr old. Not to mention she is not the best teacher my daughter never comes home from school excited to tell me about her school day like she was when she was in preschool. The school in general is ok although I do have a few issues, but I feel like if my child had a better teacher I would like this school a whole lot more. I guess you get what you pay for, since majority of the pre-k program is lottery funded I only pay a small portion every month.

Sorry for the rant, I'm sure none off it makes sense and there are probably many typos. I'm just a little irritated and typing away

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