Kindergartener may have learning disability.....suggestions?

Melissa - posted on 03/01/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




We were just informed that my daughter is NOT picking up what she should for kindergarten....I don't know what to think, she certainly has a hard time LISTENING to me (as in behavior wise) but she is definitely intelligent. Anyway, she will probably have to repeat K, unless some major changes are made. Should I let her repeat or get her into tutoring, where to begin I guess is my issue? The other problem is her older brother had this same teacher for K last yr and is of course a prodigious reader/ learner in general. Ugh, I feel like this teacher is comparing my children! What would you do?


Gwendolyn - posted on 03/01/2010




Talk with your daughter—if your instincts say this is more a behavioral issue than a true learning issue. Then, keep your frustration at bay in dealing with the teacher. Ask her questions like: How can we best work together to help my daughter? What resources do you recommend to help my daughter? What specific behaviors is she demonstrating that show she is not learning the material? What else can I do at home to help my daughter become a better learner? Find out if your school offers tutoring or resources for kindergarten student. Personally I would not just let her repeat kindergarten, unless you get clear undisputable reasons to make the choice. In my state more resources (free at the school) become available when they reach grade school age. Find out if she needs an IEP (individual education plan). In my state they are used for children with learning disabilities or demonstrate challenges with learning.


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User - posted on 08/03/2013




Wow how life seems to repeat its self but with new host. My mother used to say nothing changes but the name. I laugh cause I hve 3 Childern the oldest couldn't wait to learn, the 2nd understand that she has to learn and the baby he's bright and Decided he doesn't have to learn. Im praying 4 his Kindergarten teacher now he is going to be a real Treat! As for ur concern I don't think the teacher is comparing I found it helps when u find a teacher that can relate to ur child and can gve him or her the Magic " in loving 2 learn". Empower ur babies.

Kelly - posted on 05/12/2010




My daughter is in Kindergarden and I had the same thing happenas far as her learning was concerned. She has a hard time focussing and sitting in her chair. I got her extra help in school and she started going to the resource room. Ever since then she has been doing better with her letters and everything. Keep working with your child when you can. maybe you can make up cards with the letters and numbers. teach her that the numbers that she looks for might be around her like on the clock. Emma might not know what the numbers name is but she will look around her and find it. She uses whats around her to figure things out like looking at the clock and saying oh ok its what ever number that helps her and she started doing that on her own.

Jenn - posted on 05/08/2010




Don't think repeating Kinder is a bad thing. I have seen children repeat Kinder or 1st and come out amazing! Is your child bored? is this teacher singling out your child?

You can always go to your pediatrician and ask to be referred for early intervention!

Nikki - posted on 03/16/2010




I have seen this both personally and professionally. I work with kids who have learning difficulties. Additionally, I have a son who is an end of July baby so we held him back out of K until he had just turned 6. It was an unbelievable difference in him. He is still not the oldest in his freshman class but is a A and B student at a private highschool who also shines on the athletic fields. I t was the best move I made for Bryan he is now flourishing. it hasnt hurt him a bit.

Melissa - posted on 03/15/2010




I like what has been said already by Gwen & Holly, though they are saying two different things; they both encourage speaking to the teacher first & trying to get understanding on the "problem(s)" she sees. Kindergarten is a great time for a child to repeat a grade, just to be sure your daughter is "getting it", especially if she's just 5. Maybe if you talked w/ your daughter & encouraged her w/ how important you think it is to listen to the teacher & that you think she is smart already but could be doing better... I agree that it isn't your daughter's fault, so keep your frustration out of conversations w/ her is important, so that she doesn't feel pressure from you. pressure kills imagination & desire to learn. I kinda wondered about my daughter too b/c of her attention span; I home school our children, so me as the teacher, I can change the way I teach quickly & see if that makes a difference. My daughter is very bright as well, speaks clearly, is imaginative & curious about things, so I went over things a lot and over time discovered that she is a visual learner and misses a lot when she only hears it once. Through patience & encouragement from my husband, I didn't have her evaluated or tested, I just worked diligently w/ her, being positive & full of praise for her efforts. We took 2 years in K work and now she'll turn 9 this spring and be in 2nd grade. Maybe the teacher is comparing, I don't know, but for whatever reason there may be a concern, remain calm and try to "see" what the teacher is "seeing", respect her judgment, but then get another opinion from someone you trust, or do some research yourself in the "problem" area.

Holly - posted on 03/14/2010




The best thing you can do is talkto the teacher and see if there are and suggestions from the teacher as to how you can best help your child with learning. Even if that means doing homework with your child or getting one of those work books that you can buy at the store. Than again she may have to repeat K because she might not be ready right now to learn what she needs to for K this year. Which is no big deal I'm sure shes very smart. but if there was any grade that I would want my daughter to have to repeat I would want in to be K, b/c they don't relise that they are going to stay behind while their friends move on. I have a nephew that is going through K for a second time his brother also had to go through K 2 times. Is your daughter in K or young 5's. and was she tested for K in the being of the school year? May be she needed to be in young 5's so it would be understanderable that she would have to take K a second time. What ever you do try not to get upset with your daughter b/c it could be that school is just hard for her which is no big deal there are a lot of opptions on how to help her you just need to find something that works best for everyond.

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