Want to be a mommy and go back school, is it possible?

Cici - posted on 07/18/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




So to start off Im not a mom yet, but really want to be. Ive been for school and have been an RPN for about a year now, Im 24 and married 1 year this october. I have been feeling a lot of pressure to go back to school to get my RN and to do that its going to take another 3 years, now as much as I want to, I don't want to have to put off having a baby. As much as I can talk to my friends who are all for it and think its great, I really just want to hear it from moms with experience and can just tell me how it is. I am fighting with myself everyday to figure out whats going to make me happy and feeling a lot of pressure from my husband to be the breadwinner as he works a construction job. I know times have changed and women are becoming more independent and I really do want to go back to school because I love what I do and I know the money will be 10 times better, but I just cant help feeling like I cant have the everything I want in this situation. Now to add to all of this I think a big reason why I feel so frustrated is because I had an abortion over 2 years ago so I could finish college and I do regret it sometimes and maybe its just that, thats clouding my judgement. I love my husband and we've talked about it and hes ok if we do try, but then I also think about how is he going to feel when the baby does come and he has to work more to support both us. Please help and thanks for taking to time to read this.


Michelle - posted on 07/22/2012




There's never the perfect circumstance to start a family. It may take you a little longer if you do get pregnant to finish school, but you won't have the guilt hanging over your head that you never finished and it will help you be a better mom because of it. I have friends who do it all. They find that balance, but it takes trial and error. They depend on their spouses, friends, and familyfor help. My brother decided to be a stay-at-home dad, because his wife had the opportunity to make more money than he could. It's not for everyone...but an option. I took the other route and am just now going back to school at 40, part time as well as being a FT stay at home mom. My husband travels with work and is gone Mon-Fri, so it makes it a little tough and it will take longer for me to graduate, but at least I'm doing it. I did the whole regret thing, but I'm over. Contimplate, pray, whatever you do. You'll know what the best thing is for you and your husband.

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