Baptist and Christian

Talking with believer that come together to discuss the word of God. To get answer to some of life hardest question.


Circle Of Moms Nominated US!!

Hi guys, We are a christian family of three from australia, we we're honoured to be nominated as one of the top 25 Aussie Mum Blogs on the Circle of Moms website.. We are hoping...


Church Nursery Issues

So I had to switch daycare centers due to some things that were going on that I didn't like. My son is 3 months old. Well, now I keep having issues in the nursery at church...



My name is Brittney. I am 21, married to a US Navy Salior, and I have a beautiful 4 month old daughter. I currently live near Seattle Washington. I was saved and baptised in 2000.


The Shack

This is a great book i think everyone should read. I dont exactly have the same exact feelings that the book does but im not finished reading it yet so we will see but i do...