Bay Area Happy & Healthy Super Moms in Mind, Body, & Spirit

My name is Laura Villa, I am currently a stay at home mom living in Sunnyvale, California. I was blessed to a very beautiful, healthy little girl. The Lord has indeed blessed my husband and I because I gave birth to her as a premie, but brought up healthy into this world. My daughter will be turning 2 in October. I recently joined Circle of Moms and I am loving every aspect of this cite. The interactions and feedbacks between moms is truly a big help that inspired me to create a new community, dedicated to the busy/hardworking mom and stay at home moms. We deserve not only for our children but for ourselves to create a healthy, happy home in spirtually, mentally, and most importantly healthy bodies. Ever since I can remember, I was aware of my family's health history where high blood pressure existed and strokes were a main concern. Even though, I never played any sports until high school, that's when I realized how important it is as a woman to take care of our bodies and our overall health. I am not considering to idolize eachother like the models that we see on the cover of a magazine, but more of what's real and true behind meaning of being healthy. I want to create a community of encouragement where we can create a place for eachother as motivators and inspiration. I have learned that having the three basic elements present on a daily basis of staying healthy, Mind, Body, & Spirit, that as mothers, we can function and live better for ourselves and our families. I want to encourage women of all ages and backgrounds as well to look within themselves the support that I need in order to continue to maintain a happy, healthy life with my family. So I invite you to join, it can be through this cite or even in the future, meet through playdates, share a walk or a conversation where we can help release some of our daily stress or even built new friendships. Staying active doesn't have to mean that we look like run way models, but feeling healthy inside out in mind, body, and spirit. God bless and I can't wait to share strories, tips, and random healthy, happy thoughts!