please read and give me your advice i loved to hear diffrent advice

Melissa - posted on 04/30/2009 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son is turning 2 May 7th hes a great kid.....

he loves to take hes baths.. and he brushes his teeth while in the bath tub..

i let him play with his tooth brush around the house only to pretend to brush his teeth!..

any advice or suggections how i can start to potty train him... he knows where to go and what to do on his potty!...

.. and i dont have a hard time putting him to bed! i did before but now i got a routine with him! everyone morning he gets up and we dont hear him sometimes cuase hes so quiete.. i put breakfest snacks on the coffee table with his sippy cup of milk or juice.. then ussually he gets aloud child after waking up a lil more and having a few bites...

hes starting the stage of doing hissy fits temper tantrums any way how to deal with thoses two??

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