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Bedwetting Issues, HELP

Bed wetting. How long does it last, when should it be a problem and why? Why? Why?


bedwetter going to summer camp! HELP!!!!

My daughter is 8 years old and she is still wetting the bed. Sometimes she can for a week or two without wetting at night and sometimes she goes months with out staying dry for...


Bedwetter doesnt care

We are at our wits end. Hannah (5) is a bed wetter. We have tried everything we can think of and still she wets the bed. The bed wetting isnt the actual issue as i believe she...


Bedwetting at 10yrs old

Ive tried everything I can think of to try to help with this, but no luck. I wake him during the night , dont let him have a drink before bed and still he will have an accident....


Advice needed for my 6 yo, please :)

Hi all- it's been a while since anyone has posted anything here. I have been reading past posts to see if any advice has been given that I can use, and I am curious to see...


15 yr old son still bedwetting

I have a 15 yr old son who is still bedwetting. We have been to a urologist and actually have another appointment tomorrow to follow-up on things. My son has been on different...


mattress protection

my 8 year old son wets the bed. I have him wear pullups at night to protect the mattress, but occasionally they leak and the mattress gets wet. I have used a vinyl sheet under...



My boy is 3years old he is wetting his bed more than 3 times at night have tride not make his fluids less during day and before bed time, whe found this product enure bedwetting...


Nocturnal Eurensis issues

I have an almost 6 yr old son, that is severely struggling with nightime potty training. He is on medication for the problem and is on a strict schedule to help keep him dry....


advice needed

my 6 year old boy has never had a dry night except for about 2 weeks last year I have been to the doctors and he gave me tablets but they never worked at all he is going away...


My 13 yr Old and bedwetting

I have a 13 yr old son that wets the bed.I have talked to drs I wake him up at night,make sure he doesn't drink anything after a certain time and nothing seems to work for him,...


started wetting the bed at 9yrs old

Hey. My 9 yr old has started wetting the bed (something he has never done before). Could this be due to stress? my partner and i have recently split and since he moved out it...



My daughter goes to high school this year and still wets the bed need help


HELP !!!!

My son just turned 9 and he is still wetting the bed. We have tried medications, waking him, limiting fluids, etc. He # 1 has allergies, # 2 is a little on the heavy side,...



I am currently having the same problem with my 6 yr old. I've heard of kids who do it until they are like 12. I am not panicking to hard over it, but it tends to cause some...