Bedwetting Issues, HELP

Bed wetting. How long does it last, when should it be a problem and why? Why? Why?



I wish some parents will post some new calls for help if any, and I would like to know what moms did in the old post's what results please and thanks holly


Bedwetter doesnt care

We are at our wits end. Hannah (5) is a bed wetter. We have tried everything we can think of and still she wets the bed. The bed wetting isnt the actual issue as i believe she...


Bedwetting at 10yrs old

Ive tried everything I can think of to try to help with this, but no luck. I wake him during the night , dont let him have a drink before bed and still he will have an accident....


Advice needed for my 6 yo, please :)

Hi all- it's been a while since anyone has posted anything here. I have been reading past posts to see if any advice has been given that I can use, and I am curious to see...


15 yr old son still bedwetting

I have a 15 yr old son who is still bedwetting. We have been to a urologist and actually have another appointment tomorrow to follow-up on things. My son has been on different...


mattress protection

my 8 year old son wets the bed. I have him wear pullups at night to protect the mattress, but occasionally they leak and the mattress gets wet. I have used a vinyl sheet under...


new here

Hi new mom here with three girls 4,6, and 12 years old I am a strict mom but my kids wet the bed on porpous we have been to the doctor nothing wrong she tells the nurse she does...



My boy is 3years old he is wetting his bed more than 3 times at night have tride not make his fluids less during day and before bed time, whe found this product enure bedwetting...


Nocturnal Eurensis issues

I have an almost 6 yr old son, that is severely struggling with nightime potty training. He is on medication for the problem and is on a strict schedule to help keep him dry....


advice needed

my 6 year old boy has never had a dry night except for about 2 weeks last year I have been to the doctors and he gave me tablets but they never worked at all he is going away...


My 13 yr Old and bedwetting

I have a 13 yr old son that wets the bed.I have talked to drs I wake him up at night,make sure he doesn't drink anything after a certain time and nothing seems to work for him,...


started wetting the bed at 9yrs old

Hey. My 9 yr old has started wetting the bed (something he has never done before). Could this be due to stress? my partner and i have recently split and since he moved out it...



My daughter goes to high school this year and still wets the bed need help