behavioral issues

my son is 15 and has behavioral issues. we have been taking him to the pysch doctor since he was about 10-they said he has adhd and oppiostional defiance disorder. his current doctor said he does not have mental issues -yet he gave him 4 different medicines for adhd, bipolar and depression - and said he needs to go to girls and boys town -- what?how can he not have mental issues yet u give him these medicines-then say you (parents) need vacation send him away this week at least for a month... we have done outpatient therepy,home therepy , counseling nothing works -- he does not steal , smoke drugs, skip school-- but his behavior is out of control -smart mouth, cussing violent - please does anyone have these issues and does anyone have any suggestions. desperete mom


Behavior - ADHD 6 year old

My son has ADHD and is currently on Medicare 20mg xr. Some days while in school he does great, others he won't listen to anybody. He sometimes has this behavior at home but I am...

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behavioral issues

Hi iam mother of 2 boys,5.yrs 5 mnths youngest one is 6 mnths old.its almost 3 yrs we moved to U.S my eldest son has started kinder garden 40 days back then all problem started...

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