Being Their Mom Is My Job!

A community where mothers can vent and release their frustrations that have built from being told how to raise their kids. Everyone hates being nagged about what they are or aren't doing right with raising their child, Or what they can or can't feed their child or if they should wear certain cloths. Well as a mother that has dealt with this problem plenty I have decided to dedicate this community to those who are fed up! We conceived our children, carried them for 9 months and went through the labor and we aren't about to let someone else just walk right in and start lecturing or commanding unless they have been given the right or can prove we are unfit. Just because we choose different parenting methods doesn't make us wrong or bad parents it just makes us parents!


I am back

Sorry I have been gone for a while but me and my family have had quite the difficulties and losses in the pas few months and I am hoping I can come finally be back on here and...


Stay at home mom critisizms?

Anyone ever experience someone thinking you are just lazy and do nothing but sit on your butts all day and take your husbands money and spend it on junk? Thankfully i havent...


What Makes a Mom...Mom?

I have seen a lot of television specials on what makes a Mom a Mom. Well We all have our own opinions about this topic. Now I know everyone's opinions are different but that's...



I want to say Happy (early) Thanksgiving to all the members here and to their families. Hope everyone has a great holiday!



Hope everyone has a great thanksgiving. feel free to share any thanksgiving memories of stories with us and you can even post pictures as well. Happy thanksgiving!