Belleville Ontario Momma's

Seeing how many moms there are on here that are in Belleville Ontario. Maybe even become friends with them ect,


Single mom moving to Belleville

Hello there, I will be moving back to Belleville in a few short weeks and was wondering if there are any single mother support groups to join? I have a soon to be 4 yr old and a...


New to Belleville

Hello, My husband, myself and 10 month old daughter Lila are moving to Belleville this month. I am looking for things for us to do, playgroups etc. Any suggestions? Thanks...


Looking for Mom Friends

Looking for a few friends with children that would be interested in getting together for coffee and playtime for the little ones.  I'm a Mom of a busy 3.5 year old son and...


Activities for 10 yr olds??

hey guys, my daughter just turned 10 this week. Instead of a party she asked for a fun activity to do with her best friend. I was hoping Belleville had some kind of pottery...



*Listens to echo* Apparently, nobody feels like starting converstations lol. So I will. What's been your most embaressing mommy moment so far? Mine would have to be answering...