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Bellydancing Moms & Kiddos!

I teach bellydance and my daughter helps out when I am teaching little kids - Other Bellydancing Moms and Kids let*s get together and Raq it out!!


Lost my groove...:(

So, first if all its let me say it is so nice to see a belly dancing group on here. I am a little disappointed there are no posts though, C'mon ladies! I need some...


new to circle of moms!

hi everyone. i was very excited to see that there was a bellydancing moms group since i am a bit obsessed with it! it will be great to have other moms to talk with about...


Hello Everyone

First post - well this should be a lot of fun - Bellydance doesn*t have to be scantily clad women (or kids or men for that matter) you can be FULLY dressed and shake shimmy and...


Whatcha doin???

Hi everyone - Just checking in, I am teaching a VERY SMALL class right now in Brooksville Maine - we're doing a choreo - and laughing a lot. This is the adult class that I...


Rose Harden Workshop Full

Hey all Rose Harden is coming to Ellsworth ME on Saturday - the workshop is sold out but if there is anything that would be a GREAT Mommie Kiddo activity I will definitely share...


Plans for this week

Well this week I will be teaching a new choreo to the Little Kids Drama Club at school for the school play on Wednesday Afternoon - then Wednesday evening I have my Adult...


Happy New Week

Well I start teaching a new class at the local Elementary School tonight - so not much time - but wanted to check in with everyone. So what kind of music do you dance to with...