Big familys

I am a young mum and 5 Children they are all fab,People say im mad for having so many children i think i wanted a big family as i grew up as a only child i do have one sister but shes 12 years older than me and left home at qite a young age,i hated being the only child so i feel i think this is why ive had so many,they are great and i do everything for them theres not a day or time i do anything without at least one off them There ages are 8,7,4,20 months and 9 months Me and my partner dont get out mayb e once a month my dad will sit and we will got for a meal then cinemas and pub make a night off it :0) but other than that we do everything together... How many more big familys are out there and how many children do you have


Our big familys

Welcome share your stories about having a big family hear :)

Started by Adele on 01/26/2009 in Big Familys

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