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Bio Mom vs. Step Mom

Anyone else having to deal with a stepmom and her friends harassment? Its unbelievable how blind some people really are.


Bio-Mom help!

I need help dealing with a tough bio-mom! A bit of a background first: My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years now, and he has a 3 year old son. His son's mom now has...


Calling step mom

So I have read and posted on a few posts about calling the SM mom or by a nick name or their name. So I thought I would present the same question in this community, what do you...


absent bio mom issues

i have no idea how to deal with the situation we are in... we have a blended family i have 2 DD and my fiance has 1 DD.. he has full custody of his DD (2) and a ex wife from...


Getting kind of sick of this

So I have noticed that SM's who are fully involved even more then the BM still get frowned upon. Why is this? I am the SM to an amazing 10 yo boy, I have been with him since he...


Has anyone had this problem before?

How come step mom always calls from dad's phone, pretending to be him? How come she doesn't use her own cell phone? How come she even sends me (bio mom) texts, pretending to be...


My poor son

I am the SM but for all intense and purposes I am his mom. We have full custody and have for the past 7 years. My son goes to his BM's every other weekend and thats it. She does...


Video Games?!

I'm really looking for an honest debate here or even some really good input on this topic. Here's the story: BM first started our SS's on games when they were 3 & 4 years old...


Fathers Day

Well with Fathers day only a few days away the kids have been working on homemade gifts. Here at home and at school. Today Kaden brought him the gift that he made for his daddy...


Name changing again

well it was my ss's celebation mass sunday for his holly communion. lovely day, well it was until mark recieved the certificate with the surname "bird norris" norris being bm's...


praise our kids

We should all praise our kids for the life they didnt choose!!! the fightin between 2 parents (and sometimes step parents) how must they feel



Are there any other Bio Moms being blocked from certain forums for no real reason? There are a few people causing problems and when the fire gets to hot they block people....


what if?!

My ex is taking me to court to modify the divorce agreement from 2007 which we came up without lawyers because we got a long just fine at the time. Long story short, we were...


Hi im new!

Hi everyone I am new to this community and also a Bio mom to two girls. And i cant tell you how happy that i found this community..I have to deal with a nasty passive agressive...


killing them

It must be killing them that they don't know the mole and we do...teehee. Mind you its been quite nice not being harassed over the last 2 days. Awwwww so nice. Hope you are...



Well today I was accused of Brainwashing my son. Not sure why, but I was. So after thinking about it, I decided to have a little chat with my son to see what his thoughts were...