Anyone annoyed by all of the articles from Step-mothers regarding Bio moms?

Renabelle - posted on 09/21/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




I was googling, trying to find something on the Bio mom aspect of dealing with a stepmom. Stepmom have made Bio moms out to be crazy. What about our story?


VA - posted on 05/16/2017




If you're a bio mom trying to dictate to her ex-husband how to take care of the children, then you're controlling.

If you're a bio mom trying to discuss things with the step mom about the kids, then you're wayyyyy too involved - get out of their household, you're not part of their relationship. How they deal with the kids is their business in their home - not yours.

If you're a bio mom telling the kids they don't need to listen to the step mom, what you're doing is parental alienation - you're undermining your ex's authority, and teaching your kids to be disrespectful entitled little brats.

Stepmoms have ZERO responsibilities towards YOUR children. You're pissed stepmom doesn't want to drive kids to practice? They're your kids, not hers. Does she expect you to drive HER kids to practice?

If stepmom doesn't want to take your princess to get her nails done, that is her perogative. Do you take your ex's stepdaughter to get her nails done?

Bio moms need to realize that the stepmom is NOT THE MOM, and they need to realize that stepmoms are not required to provide care like the mom does.

You don't take care of her children, why the hell do you expect her to take care of yours?

Unless your story is that you are always respectful, that you don't text/call HER HUSBAND about every little thing (how would you feel if some other woman was constantly texting/calling your man to chat?), that you don't expect her to take care of provide for your kids, that you don't speak poorly to or about either of them to your kids... it's the same old same old, and generally ends up with the stepmom disengaging, because she's tired of getting crapped on for taking on responsibilities that weren't even hers to begin with by moms who think that's their role.

If your story is that you leave them alone and trust that as the father, he knows best what's for his child when the child is in his care... your story will be squashed, because that's no fun. It's how normal parents act. Nobody cares about normal parenting, people want drama... and the people who bring the drama, are usually the bio moms.

I don't mean to offend. I'm both a mom and a stepmom, for a long time.

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