Step-mom of my boys making my life hell

Jadeatmc - posted on 05/08/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




My boys are getting older, 14 and 12. When my ex and I first separated, our younger lived with him, and our eldest with me. They were 3 and 5 at the time. Things were pretty mutual for the longest time. I had/saw both kids during the week, and overnight every other weekend. Then my "friend" and my ex started dating, and then the problems started. They were getting dropped off later, and picked up earlier. The schedule my ex and I had set basically turned into "what works for her." All of a sudden I had Children's Aid coming to my door. My depression and anxiety took full control. My meds weren't working. My Dr continued trying to find something that would..she (the step-mom) got wind of it, and suddenly I'm in court, my ex focusing on my "instability" (I didn't feel unstable to the point of not being able to care for my children), Legal Aid supplied him a lawyer for free, I couldn't get one. I wasn't even given a chance to speak. He was awarded full custody of both boys. He had letters from Children's Aid Society, even though I was told the opposite from the Society itself. Children's Aid eventually realized I wasn't the problem, and they have been in and out of my ex's home since they moved in together. I've been slowly pushed out. Now (through her manipulation over the years), I get a whopping 2 hours every other weekend with my boys. (I'm not exaggerating with this woman... I was once privy to her admitting she got her ex to sign custody of their daughter to her while they were together by telling him she had to have proof of sole custody or their social assistance would be canceled.)

I feel like I'm sitting here watching her ruin my children's lives. I can't do anything about it.
I got to see my boys today, I was so thrilled to see them on mother's day.... it would of been nice if my kids had known... (they weren't provided that information. They were so disappointed they didn't know..that they didn't have anything. (I told them I had them and that was more important than anything else could be.) I'm dying inside that my boys felt that way even for a moment. I can't get custody because of the "information" my ex provided Children's Aid through all the court mess, that I'm considered "unfit." ..... even though there's no proof of bad parenting on my side.... even though I called Children's Aid into my home, so they could see my home is fit. .... I've been screwed over...completely. The joys of living in a very small town....the rumors become fact and the truth is all lies.

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