How do I stop my daughter's stepmom from signing legal papers regarding my daughter?

Andrea - posted on 01/14/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I used to do all the paperwork, registrations, etc. Well I started trying to let go a bit and let ex handle some of it,a t his request. Well I am discovering that step mom is signing the papers. Example: Awhile back she signed paperwork with my ex to try to change my daughter's last name. They either did not turn in the paperwork or it was denied, not sure. When I found out about it I alerted everyone at the courts and records offices. I warned her then that she was considered a legal stranger and if I ever caught her signing legal papers pertaining to my daughter that she would hear from my attorney.

Well this week alone I have found two separate documents that state something like "I give my daughter/son permission to participate.......I sign releasing the (whatever program) from all liability, etc." She is signing paperwork that a LEGAL parent must sign. She does not have LEGAL right to sign away liability or waive responsibility to the program if my child is injured. Not to mention signing my daughter up for Girl Scouts when I was in the final stages of becoming a leader which ex knew about and "supported". Anyone else deal with this? How did you stop it? I'm waiting to hear back from my attorney.


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I'm a stepmom to a 3 year old and my husband has sole custody of my stepson. He has lived full time with us for over a year. I have only signed a paper once for him and that's because I took him to the doctor and had to sign saying I understood the instructions.Other than that, I would never sign anything. It's not my place and I know it has to be my husband or his bio mom. Most places are supposed to ask if you have a legal right to sign anything. I would call her school, doctor, etc. and let them know that you and your ex are the only one's allowed to sign for her.


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I totally understand your situation! I too am dealing with exact situation. My daughter is now 13 yrs old, this school year her dads girl-friend (she calls herself step-mom) took it upon herself to fill out her paperwork for school year. Being a new year I knew that I would be getting papers sent home. (her father and I have joint-physical custody bi-weekly). She decided to fill out paperwork knowing that I have always handled my daughter schooling. I went to her dads to find out if it was sent home, daughter said yes, so I asked for paperwork, and so called stepmom stormed outta room. wow really. I got paperwork and stepmom took it upon herself to fill out paperwork. I told her she had no right doing that. Her responces was "well I dont wanna be excluded" really!!!??? are you her mom? while looking over paper work she put her infomation and number under mother and under allergies wrote NONE. My daughter is allergic to penicylin for gods sake...
Recently softball sign ups, yet again she decided to handle stuff. I didnt say a word, tired of bickering in one ear and out the other. well I took her to ball practice and she was put on a team with all high school girls, wow yet again. so i contacted school board member only to find out I was not listed only her dad and girlfriend! Im sick of dealing with her stupidity!

Deidre - posted on 03/05/2012




They may be married, but you have to give up your rights in order for her to legally adopt your daughter!! That is NEVER gonna happen, so she needs to straiten up. She is committing FRAUD in a sense. And it sounds to me like the ex has just dropped the ball. He may be just getting lazy and she probably thinks she is helping him.

I would also notify the schools about this situation. Are you being territorial? How long have they been married? Is she a responsible adult? Is she one of the emergency contacts?

Be honest with yourself. She can NEVER take your girl away from you. You don't have to worry about that. It seems to me she is just stepping out of bounds right onto your toes. It's one thing if she has your permission. It's a whole different story when she Takes initiative.

I love the Legal aspect of it for sure. She NEEDS to be afraid of going to prison for committing a FELONY!! Go get'em girl :)

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