Biological Mothers working with Stepmothers!

This is site not only for Mothers to vent, but Stepmothers as well. A place for both "mothers" to discuss their children and find ways to put the children first and fighting last. I am a BM and am trying to work with SM. I know first hand how difficult it is trying to work together to raise a child. Whether we like it or not, the SM will be a part of your childs life as long as she is married to your ex husband, and SM's, the BM will always be a part of the childs life, longer then you may be. It is time to put the past behind and work to raising happy, healthy children.


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Hi Ladies. Dealing with stepfamily life and blended families whether you are a biomom or stepmom is very tough. Mom sees it one way, the stepmom sees it another. Sometimes it...



Hi, My name is Lindsay and I'm a mother of a wonderful 6 year old little man. I'm divorced and am dealing with stepmother issues as I am sure she is dealing with biological...