Myself have bipolar and now my daughter has it and she is so out of control?

Christina - posted on 08/24/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




Myself was not told I had bipolar until I was almost 30. And I knew I had it, but when I was a teenager I was told I had manic depression (bipolar) and I was on meds for it, but with in 6 months or so the doc said I was good to go.. I struggled with a lot and I did not understand why? Well finally when I was almost 30, I was told I had bipolar and one doc put me on this one med, that made me gain a lot of weight and I was pissed.. Found another doc, and every month I was put on something different, and finally almost at the end of year, last year I found a doc and he is awesome, I am doing pretty well. Then my Sunshine started to act out and her moods would go up and down, I talked to her doc and counselor about it and said she was too young to have bipolar and things were not getting any better and so a couple months later I told them and I was still wrong. Finally I was going crazy, not knowing what to do about this? I called all major hospitals around us and I had to wait for a phone call a few months later and I said I can not wait any longer, things are getting worse. So I talked to me doc and he said it sounds like she has bipolar and I was able get my Sunshine in to see him and he looked at her file and asked a bunch of questions and sure enough she has bipolar... Started her on some med's and I had to changes insurances companies and did that so now my Sunshine is in his office. Then a couple weeks after school got out, her behavior started to get out of control. She is so out of control, I was told anymore I am out from my apt. She is so out of control she has spent most of the summer at my parents. I really need to know what am I doing wrong? And what to do? School starts in over a week and I want her home, but I know she is going to start,, I feel like I let my daughter down, and it is destroying me inside. I feel like I have let my Sunshine down and everyone else. I just do not know what to do anymore with her? I am afraid that she is thinking I do not love her and I don't want her. And that is so not true. Please anyone if you have any idea's or something that worked for you or anything, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.. I JUST DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO?

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