Birmingham Area Moms

Calling all moms in the Birmingham, Alabama Area. Let's post upcoming family-friendly events, ask questions, vent, laugh and get to know the only people who really understand you...other moms!


My sons been really upset lately..

Since my son got his one year immunizations last week he has been really fussy. I have tried to figure this out (is it the shots, teething, his stomach from eating new foods)...


Is this Birmingham UK?

Hi I'm new to all this and just joined the group cos I live in Birmingham UK, then it occurred to me it might be Birmingham USA, so I thought I'd better check. Can anyone tell...


Hey Everyone!

Im planning on moving back up north, its been a long time. I want to know where would be a nice area to raise children, that also have nice schools.(in the birmingham area)...


Fun places in Birmingham to take toddlers

Please share ideas for outings for toddlers that are alternatives to the park and playground. I have included a blog entry about our recent trip to the Botanical Gardens for...


Birmingham moms UK and USA unite !!!

There are two Birmingham's one in the UK and the other in the USA .Im from Birmingham UK but we are all Brummy moms either in the UK or USA lets make it one big Birmingham moms...


Tips for the Busy Mom

Could you please share suggestions that made your life easier when you were balancing motherhood and school, work or some other competing interest? I will post these tips on my...


Warwickshire mums?

There is now a group for warwickshire mums, there wasnt one before which is why i joined birminghams one. Any warwickshire mums please come and join! xx


anyone else live in great barr?

hi ya,just wondering if anyone else knows or uses playgroups in great barr that they could recommend to me?im a stay at home mom and have two children who love to play and i...



Hello, I am new to the Birmingham Area and looking for a good babysitter. My daughter is 17 months old with a lot of energy! Please message me with any information about...



I live in Birmingham and am interested in finding out about great family events in our community.


Crafty Mommas

Are you crafty? Wanna join a local craft circle? Learn a craft, teach a craft, sell a craft, the possiblities are endless.


What up??

Hey there other moms!!! I'm Lizzy and I have three awesome kids........I love to meet new moms and make playdates and hang out..............



I am new to the circle of moms... Just wanting to say hi.. I work full time as does my husband. If anyone needs an architect, let me know!



Hey! I'm Natalie, mother of a beautiful 6 year old daughter, Miranda. I live in Pelham, and am always looking for something fun and new to do with my daughter. There just...



Would anyone be interested in a monthly organized playdate? We alternate local parks or any other free venue...that way no one would always have to leave their part of town and...



Hi. I'm Jessica. I am from Alabaster, Alabama. I have a 6 year old son and just recently had another boy on October 16th.



just thought i'd say hello x