birthday party ideas

do you have a birthday coming up and not sure what to do for your little one ?? check out this community ?? do you have a great birthday party idea ??? let us know


13th birthday party for a girl

Looking for an idea for a 13th years old girl for a birthday party ... I need two ideas ... one IF I decided to have it at home and two, I want to take a small group of girls...


Baby Girl turning One!!!

HI, My daughter is gonna turn 1 next month and im trying to plan a big Bday party for her. When i was little my mom usedto plan bday parties for me too and its nice to see those...


Help! Dad-daughter birthday party!

My daughter and boyfriend share the same birthday. It's her first birthday and everyone knows the first birthday is a huge deal! I am trying to figure out exactly what theme I...


Stuff a bear birthday party

Hi has anyone ever run a stuff a bear party am looking at mypawfectpartybear online and am thinking of doing one for my 8 year old daughter. Do you have any suggestions or...