Birthmoms and Adoptive Moms

This is a place for anyone touched by adoption to share there thoughts, ideas, fears, joys, and anything else they want to share.


We are wanting to adopt

My Name is Shannon, My husband and I are looking to adopt, we are in Alberta Canada. We have children already and would love to give a child a a wonderful home and family. We...


Support Groups

My ex made me give our third child up for adoption almost a year ago. I was just wondering if anyone knew about any Birth Mom Support Groups. I tried fighting the court system...


How much to share with birthmom?

Hi. I'm a new member and the adoptive mom of a gorgeous 2-year-old boy, whom we've had since shortly after his birth. (He was born at 24 weeks and my husband and I came into his...


Thank you!

As of right now, our Birth Mother wants no contact with the baby she gave up for adoption 5 years ago. I just want to tell her thank you!


Adoptee, now Praying to Adopt

Hello everyone,My husband and I live in Kansas, and we are looking to add to our family. My husband and I come from very large families, we have a 2 year old son and can no...


Has anyone ever been both?

I gave up a child and couldn't have anymore and 19 years later adopted one. I feel very alone as I have never any one else who is both a birthmom and an adoptive mother. There...


adoption again

We are ready to start the journey again looking for an open adoption,with a young lady that did not plan this in her life at this time. If you know of any situations please...


Need advice

Okay a little background, my daughter is 3 months old. I have an open adoption with weekly emails and pictures whenever the adoptive mom feels like uploading (which she has...


I am a birth mom

I am a birth mom of a little girl that has many severe health problems. I gave my daughter up because I knew that I didn't have the means to properly take care of her. Her...