BirthMom's who have placed children for Adoption

For any birth mother who has placed a child up for adoption. I did(long story) when I was 18 years old December 2002, I'm now 25 and I still struggle with it, but I know that I did the best thing for him, and I know that he is with a family who otherwise would not of been able to have children, and he is being raised in a loving christian home. I now am married and have two children ages 5, and 5 months.



Hi everyone, I thought that I would start a group, mostly because I didn't see one that I could go into and talk about this issue. So if anyone joins and has feelings and...


is it normal

I have 2 sons and got pregnant after 10 years of trying not to get pregnant... I knew I didn't want anymore kids plus I am soooo busy with my sons and knew I couldn't handle...