Blind and visually impaired mum's

Mum's with visual impairments,


Amy's Story.

Nice to meet all of you. I was 4 months old and had a brain tumor and it messed up my optic nerve. They did remove the tumor but it meed up my visian. I am visually impaired...



Hi, I'm Stephaie, and I have Kjer's Congenital Optic Atrophy. Back in teh day, a zillion years ago, I was one of teh first blind children in teh US to go to the public schools,...


Nice to meet you!

Hello All, I am a mother of three great kids...two are adults (19 and 21) and my littlest is now 6 yrs old. My diagnosis is cone-rod other words, there IS no...



My name is Nathalie and I consider mysellf visually impaired. I can still see but my loss of vision is really getting in the way. I had to srop driving over a year ago and...