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This is my life as a father of 4. 3 son's ages 3, 4 and 6 and a daughter born in January 2011. I am performing a Primary Carer role (aka Mr Mum, aka Trophy Husband)

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What's your funniest potty training story?

Ben Arnott

Don't know if I'd call it "Funny"... My 5 year old was having a hard time with his night time toilet training. We had gone full circle from cold turkey to night time pull ups to cold turkey again. One night he went to bed with his brothers (7 and 4 (still in night pull ups)) at 7:30pm, he did a big wee and fell asleep. I was going to bed at 10:30pm and checked on him... still dry! YAY! I sleep walked him out to the toilet and he did a little wee and I put him back into bed. Now, Mr 5 has the ability of wetting his bed, changing his PJ's and then just getting into bed with us. This particular night, I was up and down a bit with his sister (1) and every time I woke, he wasn't in our bed, so I thought that all was OK. Not until 5:30am did I realise it wasn't the case. Just before my alarm going off, Mr 5 wandered into our bedroom nude. He was cold, so I told him to come over to my side for a cuddle. I asked "Did you wet the bed buddy?" he replied with a sultry nod. I said "Don't worry mate, you almost made it all the way through the night. After having a cuddle for a few minutes his 7 year old brother woke up and called out to us. I went into his room. "Dad, I don't know what happened, but my bed is wet." "It's cool mate... it happens to the best of us." I responded. "No dad, my bed is wet, not me" That is when I noticed the first pile of wet size 5 PJ's... I went into Mr 5 and 4's bedroom to find 2 more piles. Poor Mr 5 had wee'd his bed, moved to Mr 4's after changing his clothes, then did the same in Mr 4's bed (he was still sound asleep, but his bed and he was wet) and then did the same again in Mr 7's... must have ran out of PJ's and came into us nude. Lots of washing that day ;)
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