4th & 5th Grade Happiness


A newbie blog by a 4th & 5th grade teacher of 16 years and mom of three wonderful children. I LOVE Pinterest, teaching & blogging.

How long have you been a teacher?

16 years

What are three of your favorite books for children? (Please share what age they are best for.)

5 Minutes Until Bedtime - For age groups toddler on up.
Princess Academy - For fourth grade girls through middle school
The Giver - For fifth grade through high school

What can parents do to help when their child doesn't like school?

Talk to your child to see if there is a reason such as bullying, boredom, focusing issues, can't keep up.... Ask the child if there is something you can do to help. You can even contact the teacher. The teacher may have noticed something or can keep an eye out for anything troublesome. Remember parents and teachers can be a powerful partnership. If there is not anything in particluar maybe plan something special for the end of the week for the child to look forward to. Something as cheap as just spending time with a parent can be a rewarding.