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What's your favorite affordable outdoor activity to do with your kids?

What tips do you have for spending time outdoors when its cold?

What's a great vacation destination for families that want to spend time outside?

Spring is almost here! What's an activity you love to do with your kids in the springtime? Please include a link to a picture if you have one!


For us springtime means sunshine and beautiful temperatures that allow us to be outside for most of the day! We love to make the most of being outdoors after the cold weather passes and before the heat of summer sets in! Lots of time is spent in our garden and on family trips to the park!
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What's your favorite guilty pleasure snack? Please share a link to the item or, if homemade, to your recipe and photo.


The kids love these gluten-free chocolate chip muffins. They are so good that I usually can't help but sneak a few for myself.
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