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Mom Jeans & Dad Jokes is a LOL-worthy daily blog and weekly podcast by a fun loving couple parenting three little kids.

What is your favorite place to find clothes for children?

Folded and put away in the correct spots without me asking.

What tips would you give to a mom who is trying to remain stylish while raising a family?

When your yoga pants become yogurt stained, change into a clean pair of yoga pants.

What's one beauty product you would recommend to all moms?


Ha. Good luck with that.

What's one of the worst messes your child has made? Please share a link to a photo if you have one.

Indiana Adams

We have a 24 month old who, for the most part, is very tidy. One day, however, I caught him trying to clean up a powdered sugar mess he had made in the kitchen in the one minute I stepped away to go to the bathroom. Powdered sugar was everywhere: on him, on the floor, and on me by the time I scooped him to to give him a bath. Video link below. :0)
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